1. Bad Govament

From the recording Bad Govament



E don tey wey we don dey cry
(for a very long time have been advocating)

e don tey wey my people dey para oo
(for a very long time we have been angry)

oti pe say we don dey die
(for a very long time we have been dying)

shey na till jesus come we go taya oo?
(when are we gonna get tired, till Jesus comes?)

na we we be the problem
(we are the problem)

na still we fit to solve them
(we also are the solution)

its only you and i

with God ensure the better days that are coming

and if you ask anybody

dem get many things dem go complain about
(they have a lot of complains)

say dem no get light
(that they dont have light)

say dem no get job
(that they dont have job)

dem call us lazy youths
(they called us lazy youths)

when dem no do their work oo
(when they neglected their duties)

we know say yahoo no be the answer
(we know internet fraud is not the way out)

but tell me who wan suffer?
(but tell me, who wants to die trying?)

dem dey say e go better
(we all say its gonna get better)

but i don taya for this kind bad govament oo
(but I'm fed up of the bad government)

yeah yeah
bad govament oo 7x

Black man kill another black man

Black man hurt another black man

Black man wants another black man dead

But a black man needs another black man

This na mental slavery no be politics
(this is mental slavery not politics)

Dem dey kill our citizens no apology
(our citizens got killed with no apologies)

Our govament dey look dem no dey send
(the system ignores the poeple)

olopa dey chase young boys wey dey drive benz
(the law oppress youths driving benz)

All these things wey we dey yawn
(all our lamentations we cried out)

no be say dem no dey hear
(of course they hear us)

Everytime we dey worship God
(everytime we worship God)

This same God we no dey fear
(this same God we don't fear)

we no fit to fight for our right
(we cant fight for our right)

me sef wey dey sing, i dey fear for my life
(as the voice of the poeple, i don't wanna die either)

Baba Fela don talk am
(Baba Fela had spoken)

and we still dey for d matta
(and yet we are still in the dark)

Which time you go taya for this kind bad govament ooo
(when are you gonna get tired of this bad government)

bad bad bad, bad govament oo

(our govament bad, dem bad dem bad) bad govament oo

(na dem dey chop, na we dey work) bad govament oo

(said its time to talk oo, me i go talk oo) bad govament oo

yeah yeah, govament oo

Wetin dem dey say, wetin dem dey yawn
(What are they saying, what are they chatting)

Wetin dem dey plan, say we dont understand
(what are they plannig, we don't understand)

We don taya, all the matta we don taya (ask them)
(we are tired, of the system we are tired