Omolade Bisiriyu,(born October 10, 1994) officially known as "LADe" is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and producer. LADe spent most of his time in the studio as a teenager, learning the whole process of making music as an artist, with the help of his mentor and producer "Mansa Jabulani" fast-forward to year 2018, when he officially started his career as an Artist. He gained recognition as an underground artist after the release of his first single "PAUSE" followed by "Bad Govament" then his recent release "No love" that is trending on major Radio stations under his current record label "NAKI MUSIC" 

LADe describes his musical style as the "FLEX VIBEZ" based on how he delivers his flow, mostly without writing and his calm soothing rythms that differentiate his Afrobeat-fused sounds. With no doubt he has proven himself to be the industry's next big star on his forthcoming E.P, officially produced and arranged by LADe himself and Sway.

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