Naki Music was conceived with the mission of providing top-range management and marketing services and nurturing fledging artistes to become successful in their music careers. Over time, we have been involved in various capacities in the promotion of the Nigerian Music industry and watched the explosive growth of the sector. We believe the burgeoning Nigeria music scene have tipped towards universal recognition and made an entry into the scene with the aim of offering world class management and support services for the practitioners, particularly the creative talents. 

Our outfit is duly registered and intends within a short time to become the reference point in talent management and music marketing around. It is managed by experienced hands that have turned their passion for music into the business of music.

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After a successful release of the "Bad govament", LADe is back with another vibe 

LADe has combined his influence to create a variety of upbeat songs with memorable choruses and heartfelt vocals. 

"Bad Govament" steam up the June energy we have already and recording new different songs behind the  scene adds to the mystery summer always brings. As we all know Bad Govament was basically a Fela inspired sound, this time LADe has decided to ditch the flow with a new chilling but unruly jam, titled "NO LOVE". 

No doubts, it is okay to say LADe is the vibe king, he is truly an Artist you all need to watch out for, amazingly he produced this himself. Just like BAD GOVAMENT, NO LOVE is available on all digital platforms on September 11th, 2020 and air on major radio stations. 

No love smart link https://ditto.fm/no-love-lade 

Soundcloud link  http://soundcloud.com/ladevibez/lade-no-love

Quotable Lyrics; No love in my pocket, two shots and I'm staggering, two shots of Hennessey and I got a bottle of l**n in my pocket, roll up the rockets till my eye balls popping, b**ty so big jaws dropping...

Fast forward, WATER  was released on November 13th, 2020 and is the lead single of LADe's forthcoming EP titled GIRLS ONLY that is to be released on DECEMBER 04, 2020  

WATER smart link https://ditto.fm/water-girls-only

Soundcloud link  http://soundcloud.com/ladevibez/lade-water